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Rick Hopkins is an expert cashflow strategist, who specializes in helping W2 employees get more money in their paychecks through a process called "Income Shifting." Most employees today are underpaid, overtaxed and, deeply in debt. Income Shifting is the answer. Hopkins is also an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author with four books on the subject of cashflow management to his credit.

About This Site


Income is not the same as cashflow. Income is earned... cashflow is created by the decisions you make with the money you earn.

The strategy of "Income Shifting" is both an art and a science. It involves being able to create new cashflow from the money you already make. There is no need to work longer hours, get a second job or beg your boss for a raise... you have the power to take back control of your personal finances, on your own terms. Our capitalistic society demands that we fully understand the financial rules of engagement that drive our economy; and demonstrate it by minimizing your taxes, eliminating debt and building investment income.


  1. Review and adjust your W4 Tax Withholding Form, resulting in more money in your next paycheck.
  2. Learn how to "deduct your lifestyle" by creating write offs and tax deductions for everyday expenses you were going to spend money on anyway
  3. Create and manage new cashflow from the money you already make
  4. Track, document and manage your expenses using our proprietary Cashflow Manager Financial Software
  5. Complete the Cashflow Strategist Self-Evaluation to determine when you want to retire, how much monthly income you need, and what you need to do now to make it happen.

This 7-day course includes daily instructional videos, real world application assignments and a free 30 minute one on one coaching session with Academy co-founder Rick Hopkins. An electronic copy of our Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, "BLACK INCOME SHIFTERS: Shift Your Cashflow From Red To Black," will also be provided; 

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Lesson 1:

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money


Lesson 2:

Uncle Sam Plays Favorites


Lesson 3:

Don't Take My Word For It


Lesson 4:

The Job Isn't Ovet Until The Paperwork Is Done


Lesson 5:

Ready, Set, Go...


Lesson 6:

Do Or Do Not... There Is No Try


Lesson 7:

Money Talks!

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