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Rick and Odessa Hopkins are expert cashflow strategists. They specialize in helping W2 employees get more money in their paychecks by showing them how to minimize taxes, eliminate debt and build investment income. Co-founder Odessa Hopkins is the face of the company, and serves as President and CEO. Co-founder Rick Hopkins fills the dual roles of CFO and COO. He is also an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author with four books on the subject of cashflow management to his credit.

About This Site


W2 employees, as a group, are the lowest paid, highest taxed, most in debt segment of the American workforce!

This one week, online video mini-course will show you how to create more cashflow from the money you already make without:

  1. Working longer hours
  2. Getting a second job
  3. Begging your boss for a raise

Right now, your money is working hard to make someone rich; unfortunately, that someone probably isn't you. Your greatest financial enemies are the taxman and the banker... Uncle Sam and the banks. High taxes cause you to have to borrow more money and accrue more interest debt than you can pay back. This leads to a condition known as the "Cycle of Pain." Its symptoms are easy to recognize:

  1. You have no money
  2. You are in debt
  3. You have no savings or investments

 After completing the "Give Yourself A Raise" mini-course, you will know how to pay less in taxes, get out of debt and free up money to invest or enhance your current lifestyle.

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place! 

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This is Rick Hopkins... and I wish you the best in financial success!


Lesson 1:

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money


Lesson 2:

Uncle Sam Plays Favorites


Lesson 3:

Don't Take My Word For It


Lesson 4:

The Job Isn't Ovet Until The Paperwork Is Done


Lesson 5:

Ready, Set, Go...


Lesson 6:

Do Or Do Not... There Is No Try


Lesson 7:

Money Talks!

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